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Oracle MetaLink 3

Don’t we all love MetaLink, Oracle’s replacement for Siebel SupportWeb? Judging from everyone I’ve spoken to, the answer’s a resounding ‘No’!

To be honest, a lot of the griping is down to the usual sour grapes that accompany any software release that exposes users to change. I can’t help but be amused by all these enterprise software developers wandering around grumbling about having to deal with a new system that’s “obviously” far inferior from the one they’re used to… these would be the same developers who spend the rest of their time grumbling about the “stupid” users of their systems who can’t cope with the “simple” differences between Siebel 6 and 7… A salutary lesson, perhaps 🙂

Forgetting the comparison of the merits of the two systems, I do think it’s a shame that we now have another example of Oracle moving Siebel away from the traditional policy of eating it’s own dogfood. (This is a term for software companies actually using the software they build internally, a practise that is well regarded in the software industry due to it adding internal pressures to improve the product.) Not only do Siebel (the Oracle-subsidiary) no longer use Siebel (the product) as their main CRM system, they also no longer use it for tracking customer service requests. It will be interesting to see whether this change has any impact on the quality and relevance of future Siebel features.

A direct impact the change to MetaLink has had on me is that my stack of SupportWeb deep-links no longer work, including the ones on this blog (thanks Oracle – a redirect would have been nice!). I’ve now been through the site and updated all the links I could find, please let me know if you spot any links that don’t work.


February 15, 2008 at 12:40 pm 6 comments

Siebel User Group Australia Event – 21 February


For all Sydneysiders reading: the next Siebel User Group event will take place on the 21st February. We’re back at the AGSM for a panel discussion on The Role That Siebel Plays In Your Enterprise, after which there’ll be the usual opportunity to catch up with past and future colleagues.

It’s a good broad topic with excellent panellists who I expect them to make my moderating role largely redundant. The last two SUGA events have been oversubscribed well in advance, so get on and register now.

February 7, 2008 at 8:35 am