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Siebel User Group Australia

Things have been quiet around here while I’ve been on vacation, but a little side project I’ve been involved with has been barrelling along: I’m very pleased to be able to say that Siebel User Group Australia is up-and-running.

I’ve mentioned before my feeling that Siebel is severely lacking in good community support, at least in Sydney, and compared with other similar technology specialisations. Turns out that I’m not the only one with that sentiment. Driven largely by the enthusiasm of David Wong, a small group of us have been meeting for a couple of months to try and get a ‘grassroots’ movement happening. Sounds like some kind of revolution!

The outcome is SUGA, a new organisation that will hopefully become a catalyst for ongoing Siebel community events, networking and knowledge sharing. To kick things off, we’ve planned two evening events for the upcoming months. This coming Thursday’s “Siebel Upgrade Strategies” panel is already oversubscribed – a promising sign! – so register early for November’s “Siebel 8.0 Upgrade Case Study”.

For those in Sydney, hope to see you Thursday. I’ll be the skinny bloke at the front kicking off the whole shebang, then disappearing into the background while the real experts do their thing…


September 24, 2007 at 9:16 am 3 comments