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Synchronous Wait Steps

This one caught me out just recently while I was building a business process to poll a service every couple of seconds. Seemed simple enough: add a Wait Step to my flow, set MeasureUnit to Seconds and duration to 1, then call my service and loop back to the Wait under certain conditions. In my example I want the flow to fail if the service doesn’t complete after half a dozen attempts, so I set the Maximum Iterations property on the service step to 6 and handled the error that occurs on the 7th attempt. The workflow should run synchronously in the Application Object Manager, with the UI waiting for a response.

According to all documentation this should have worked, but instead the workflow was immediately returning a response to the UI the first time it hit the Wait Step. The workflow was continuing on exactly as expected in the background, but it appeared that Siebel was automatically persisting the workflow, making the flow asynchronous.

Took a bit of digging around, but the solution was to change the Mode of the business process. In Interactive Flow or Service Flow mode the Wait step causes the flow to move out of the UI context, but in good old 7.0 Flow compatibility mode it works as expected, blocking the UI until the workflow completes.

Doesn’t fit in very well with Siebel’s mandate of not creating new 7.0 Flows, but what can you do when there are bugs..?


August 17, 2007 at 11:22 am