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June 5, 2007 at 9:18 am 1 comment

There are a couple of options to display a hyperlink to an external site from Siebel 7. The simplest is to set the following properties on an applet control:

– HTML Type: URL
– HTML Display Mode: EncodeData

This will URL-encode the field and wrap it in an HTML link tag <a></a>. As long as your field contains a valid URL, you’ll have a working hyperlink. In the high-interactivity client the URL will by default open in a new browser window; to support the same behaviour in the standard interactivity client, set:

– HTML Attributes: target=’_blank’

This approach doesn’t allow you to change the link title, however, so if it’s a big ugly URL you’ll have a big ugly field displayed in your applet. As an alternative, you can hand-code the hyperlink. Set the calculated value on your field as follows:

“<a href=’http://yourURL.com/yourtargetpage.html‘ target=_blank>Your Link Text</a>”

(Note the enclosing double-quotes.) Then set up your applet control:

– HTML Type: Field
– HTML Display Mode: DontEncodeData
– Runtime: Y

This tells the Siebel UI to interpret the contents of the field as raw HTML – so you see your hyperlink exactly as constructed.


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  • 1. Mohan  |  October 29, 2007 at 11:33 pm

    We are trying to use a smartscript template but it needs to have the questions and answers arranged in this format.
    what we want:
    Q1 A1
    Q2 A2
    we want to do this using changes in web template file
    so that we can accomadate 15 questions in one screen currently we are only able to accomodate 8 in one screen,pls help us how to edit the web template file to suit our requirement.(CCSmartScriptPlayerApplet.swt) this is the vanilla web template file which needs to be changed.


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