Client-side Logging

February 27, 2007 at 10:47 am

An invaluable debugging step. I first came across this a few years ago, when I returned from holiday to find Siebel 6 clients running incredibly slowly in all environments. After much digging around, I found out that a Siebel Professional Services contractor had been in and borrowed my workstation while I was away. He’d set up the environment variable for maximum logging and never gotten around to switching it off…

Client-side logging relies on the two environment variables SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS and SIEBEL_LOG_DIR.

To switch on logging for a single session, open a command prompt and:

set SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS=<event level 0-5>

set SIEBEL_LOG_DIR=<dir>

Then launch the Siebel client using the usual command string:

<base_path>\siebel /c <config_file> /u <username> /p <password>

Alternatively, the variables can be set globally by adding system environment variables. Do remember remove the variables when you’re done, though…

More details in the FAQ: SupportWeb FAQ 1322.


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